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Vote for Dawn of Kingdoms

This page gives you information on the details of voting for Dawn of Kingdoms.

Why vote for us?

Voting for us helps bring more attention to the server, enhancing your experience on Dawn of Kingdoms. Every vote counts! Voting will help us to reach a broader audience. If we have more people playing, there will be more factions, more battles, more revenue for us to expand our services, and in the end, more fun for you!


Because voting is so crucial for us to maintain operation, we offer rewards for donating! For each of the sites that you vote for us with, your account will be given 100 coins in-game for a total of 400 coins. That's enough to buy several diamonds or to help save up for the cost of a faction! You may vote on each site once per day, so remember to do so every day.

Voting Links


In order to receive rewards for voting, you must be logged in.