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The Static Way v2.0

Discussion in 'Hotel Information' started by Ying-Jie, Feb 25, 2012.

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    The Static Way is a simple set of rules that all users must follow while online Static Hotel:

    General Rules

    1.1. Do not abuse the Call for Help (CFH) system; it should be used during emergency purposes only.

    1.2. Do not advertise other Habbo Retros or forums; hotel links or purposely mentioning the name of another hotel or forum with the intentions of advertising is strictly forbidden. In addition, generally objectionable websites are not permitted.

    1.3. Do not attempt to, gather, or disclose any personal information of other users (e.g., address, IP Address, phone number, school) without their consent.

    1.4. Do not attempt to, scam credits, or furniture from other users through betting, gaming, or trading.

    1.5. Do not bully, harass, or abuse other users; avoid violent or aggressive behaviour.

    1.6. Do not excessively repeat identical or similar statements (spamming).


    2.1. Do not attempt to, give away, sell, or trade your Static Hotel account for virtual items, accounts, or cash.

    2.2. Do not attempt to or sell VIP Membership for virtual items; VIP Membership can only be purchased for another user if it is a gift.

    2.3. Do not create a username with an offensive name that is insulting, racist, harassing, or generally objectionable.

    2.4. Do not evade an IP Address ban.

    2.5. Do not share your account with other users or accept other users' account information.

    2.6. Do not threaten to, attempt to, or hack other users' accounts.

    Static Hotel

    3.1. Do not attempt to, refund your VIP Membership, or donation to Static Hotel at any given time; all payments are final.

    3.2. Do not exploit obvious errors of Static Hotel and its services; report it to an Administrator immediately.

    3.3. Do not intentionally give wrong or misleading information to staff members in reports about rule violations, complaints, bug reports, or support requests.

    3.4. Do not make false statements against Static Hotel or any other part of its services.

    3.5. Do not pretend to be a representative of Static Hotel or claim to have their powers.

    3.6. Do not threaten to, attempt to, use any scripts, or third party software to enter, disrupt, or modify Static Hotel.

    Rules and regulations are subject to change without notice. As a member of the Static Hotel community, you hereby agree to and understand the following terms and conditions above. Failure to comply with these rules and regulations will result in the necessary sanctions implemented upon your account. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to The Static Way, please do not hesitate to ask a member of the Hotel Staff.

    Version 2.0, Last updated: Jul-17-2012.
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